São Luís is the ideal destination for those who love culture, history, nature and gastronomy. That’s why it offers its visitors the Historical and Gastronomic Route, an experience that values the elements of local cuisine through an activity based on a guided tour of tourist attractions of gastronomic relevance located in the city’s Historic Center.

Conducted by a Tour Guide and musical groups that include a repertoire focused on Maranhão cuisine, the tour also offers tasting moments, which have the opportunity to enjoy foods that are part of the regional cuisine such as cuxá rice, regional fruit juices such as cupuaçu and bacuri, as well as liqueurs, as well as other delicacies such as chin break, coconut ice cream and much more.

The proposal for immersion in the historical and gastronomic universe of São Luís is organized by the City of São Luís, through the Secretary of Tourism. It has a dynamic program that can be checked at the Tourist Service Center.

The starting point of this experience is the Museu da Gastronomia Maranhense, guardian of the local culinary wealth and which is presented in detail to visitors (the concentration point of the itinerary may vary from one place to another, so it is important to always check with the Tourist Service Center).

So that after this moment of departure from the concentration point, participants are guided through the streets of the Center, where the history of São Luís seems to come to life through characters that emerge from the past or the city’s daily life, as is the case of the ‘ auctioneers’, who with their striking voices reveal information about each place visited, transporting tourists to different times and contexts.

Next, the experience intensifies passing through Rua Portugal, where the group is guided through the Catarina Mina staircase alley and through several streets in the Center, such as Rua do Giz, Rua da Estrela, Rua da Alfândega and others. And so, at every corner, tourists have the opportunity to take a break to taste specialties of Maranhão cuisine, enriching their experience even further.

The itinerary also passes through the Praia Grande Fair (Mercado das Tulhas), one of the most authentic places in the city, marked in history as the first commercial conglomerate in São Luís. There, the flavors, smells and colors of local cuisine mix, providing a complete sensory experience.

The São Luís Historical and Gastronomic Route is more than a simple walk through the city streets. It is a sensorial experience that captivates all the senses, making each participant an integral part of the living history of São Luís.