Discover everything you can only find in São Luís do Maranhão.

São Luís is a very diverse city when it comes to experiences you can have, some of which come in the form of flavors that you will only find here. We have separated some of them for you to know:

Ice cream cone

One of the most memorable experiences you can have in São Luís is to taste a delicious ice cream cone in the flavors of coconut, passion fruit, cupuaçu or bacuri. These exotic flavors are sold in the charming streets of the Historic Center and on the beaches, and will transport your taste buds on a unique journey. The freshness of local ingredients and the skill of local vendors transform every bite into an explosion of tropical flavors. Not to mention the way it is prepared.

Juçara with dried shrimp and flour

Juçara, as it is called in Maranhão, or açaí, as it is known in the rest of the country, is a delicacy that is part of the Maranhão cuisine menu. In São Luís, the delicacy can be found in several places, but it is at Mercado das Tulhas, located in the Historic Center of the capital of Maranhão, that it can be best enjoyed or at the Juçara Festival in the Maracanã neighborhood in the month of October.


Heritage of indigenous ancestry, the delicacy is one of the greatest legacies that Brazil has, and which is rooted in the gastronomic culture of Maranhão. In São Luís, beiju or tapioca as it is known in the rest of the country, is based on cassava dough and can be consumed in fairs, markets and bakeries accompanied with coconut or other flavors such as cheese, bacon, sun-dried meat, fresh shrimp or just with butter.


Its preparation brings the influence of indigenous peoples, originating from cauim, a fermented cassava product. With the arrival of Europeans in Brazil, distillation techniques were introduced, transforming cauim into tiquira. The drink is also notable for its purple color and robust flavor, due to its high alcohol content. The history of the drink is also enriched with legends, the most famous of which warns consumers not to take a bath after four doses, at the risk of memory loss. Tiquira, a traditional drink from Maranhão, won the title of Intangible Cultural Heritage of the State.

Cuxá rice

Maranhão cuisine is a true mosaic of flavors and traditions, and a dish that shines with authenticity and flavor is ‘Arroz de Cuxá’. Originally from the state of Maranhão, this gastronomic dish reflects the state’s rich cultural heritage. The base of the dish is rice, which is cooked until soft and flavorful. The key ingredient that gives Arroz de Cuxá its flavor is vinegar, a typical plant from Africa. Its leaves are harvested and processed to create a green sauce creating a combination of flavors that is both refreshing and spicy. In addition to the vinegar, Arroz de Cuxá contains dried shrimp, toasted sesame seeds, sweet pepper and other local seasonings, which add layers of complexity and irresistible aromas to the preparation. It’s an example of how local ingredients can be transformed into something truly special.

Sururu with coconut milk

Ingredients from the sea are widely used in cuisine on the coast of Maranhão, and sururu is no different. Mollusk meat is very tasty and has a high nutritional value, being rich in minerals such as phosphorus, calcium, iron and iodine, vitamins and protein. The sururu can be found in mangroves that are bathed by freshwater rivers or estuaries in the municipalities that make up the Island. In São Luís, the delicacy can be consumed in fairs, markets and restaurants, and is generally prepared with coconut milk.

Dona Corina’s homemade lollipops

Caramelized, rolled in baking paper, lollipops are generally sold on boards with holes in the streets of the historic center of São Luís. Lollipops have a ‘childhood taste’ for many Maranhão residents, and became popular through Mrs. Corina Serra da Silva Martins , born in Itapecuru (MA), who started producing them by hand with his daughter to survive. Made with natural products, the flavors are varied, among the favorites are passion fruit and ginger.

Hot Dog

Anyone who tries the hot dog produced in São Luís immediately notices the difference in the ingredients used here and in other locations. Mounted on bread, the traditional São Luís hot dog has ground meat as one of its main ingredients.