On the beaches of São Luís, every grain of sand is an invitation to an irresistible experience that involves sun, nature and a sea of warm waters. More than 30 kilometers long, the coastline is a tropical sanctuary that provides travelers with abundant breezes and sunny weather for most of the year, providing a perfect setting for you to escape your routine or practice sports.

Discover the beautiful beaches of São Luís

The city, which is a World Heritage Site, not only has history and culture, but also natural landscapes that transform throughout the day depending on the variation of the tides. On the urban beaches of São Luís, visitors can enjoy relaxing moments by the sea, watching the sunrise and sunset and enjoying gastronomy that needs no praise.

To make the Sun and Beach experience even more complete and comfortable, the beaches of São Luís have a tourist infrastructure that includes bars on the sand, restaurants, kiosks, inns, hotels and conveniences. In addition to services such as bike rental for trips to some of its beaches and schools for water sports enthusiasts.

On the beaches of São Luís, visitors can take long walks with their feet in the sand, or they can choose to occupy one of the dozens of tents installed near the bars and restaurants on the shore, where just a few meters away it is possible to enjoy the experience of a invigorating sea bathing in the warm waters of São Marcos Bay.

We have listed some beaches that adorn the city of São Luís and offer different scenarios for you to explore and be enchanted:

São Marcos Beach

Located on Avenida Litorânea, this beach brings together the city’s youth, both during the day and at night in bars and restaurants to enjoy crab and a cold beer. The kiosks are standardized and in most you will find a bathroom and, sometimes, a shower to remove the sand and salt. The place is also one of the main beaches for Kitesurfing, a very common sport on the beaches of São Luís, due to the city’s windy conditions. Its view is made up of dunes covered in native vegetation and some coconut trees close to the boardwalk that flanks the beach.

Calhau Beach

Beach located on Avenida Litorânea with structured bars and restaurants whose specialty is seafood dishes. On this beach, there is a varied musical program on weekends. In the region there are several hotels, inns and places to eat and drink, such as Vila Foods. On this beach you will find the Litorânea playground, which is an excellent option for families to take their children to at night. Full of toy options for children and snack bars.

Ponta D’areia Beach

Considered one of the most beautiful in São Luís, the beach is located in a heavily urbanized region. It is a space where residents enjoy practicing various sporting activities such as football and sand volleyball. On this beach there is a marina with restaurants and from where it is possible to embark on a nautical tour of the region, which also has hotels and the Jansen Lagoon nearby.

On Praia da Ponta D’areia you will find Espigão Costeiro, the city’s postcard and a complex of bars and restaurants that offer a varied cuisine and entertainment to visitors (@champsmall). Ponta d’Areia beach is one of the closest to the center of São Luís.

On Praia da Ponta D’areia you will find Espigão Costeiro, the city’s postcard and a complex of bars and restaurants that offer a varied cuisine and entertainment to visitors (@champsmall). Ponta d’Areia beach is one of the closest to the center of São Luís.

Olho d’Água Beach

With a rustic look, Praia do Olho d’Água is one of the busiest in São Luís. The strong winds that blow there between the months of July and December attract those who practice sailing sports. It has easy access through public transport lines and some accommodation points that have been consolidating in the region. Legend has it that, initially, there was an indigenous village there whose chief was Itaporama. His daughter fell in love with a young man from the tribe, but he, because he was very handsome, provoked the passion of the water mother who, through her powers, won him over and took him to her enchanted palace in the depths of the sea. Losing her great love forever, Itaporama’s daughter fell into great desolation, stopping eating and going to the seaside crying until she died. From her tears emerged two springs that still flow into the sea today and gave rise to the name of the beach.

Caolho Beach

Like other beaches to visit in São Luís, Praia do Caolho has good tourist infrastructure in and around the sand. There you will have no difficulty finding kiosks and bars. Furthermore, the beach has a large strip surrounded by native vegetation. The sea is a little rough, great for water sports, such as kitesurfing.

Love Beach

Located in the Itaqui-Bacanga Region, this beach is located in a Navy reserve area, making it necessary to leave the car at the entrance gate and walk for approximately 1km. Access can be done by car or bus, following the road that goes to the Ponta da Espera Waterway Terminal. It is approximately 6 kilometers from the Anjo da Guarda neighborhood. Praia do Amor has received an increasing number of visitors in search of tranquility and direct contact with nature. As it is located in a military area, access is only permitted from 9am to 5pm on Saturdays, Sundays and holidays.

Guia Beach

Located in the Itaqui-Bacanga area in the Anjo da Guarda region, this beach offers a panoramic view of the city of São Luís. The place has bars and restaurants with paradisiacal views and on Sundays tourists can enjoy different rhythms from reggae to sofrência. In its surroundings, you will see mangroves, red cliffs and high dunes. Furthermore, its waters are more turbid, but great for swimming, especially at low tide.

Fear Island

Famous for its natural pools, formed at low tide, the island also has perfect beaches for those looking for tranquility. Fear Island is home to caves, rocks, natural pools, cliffs, mangrove areas and trails. It is a place for those who like adventure in contact with nature. There are not many bars or restaurants in the area, just island residents who serve tourists. There are some travel agencies that offer tours to the island on weekends.