A unique experience for those who love observing nature and beaches

If you are a lover of cities that provide unforgettable experiences, get ready to witness a natural and unique spectacle when exploring São Luís. The capital of Maranhão offers visitors the chance to experience the largest tidal variation in Brazil and the third largest in the world . A fascinating phenomenon that can only be appreciated on the beautiful beaches that surround the Island.

In a short period of just six hours, the difference between high tide and low tide can reach an incredible eight meters. São Marcos Bay is an example of this natural wonder, providing a unique experience of constant change on the beaches of São Luís. During high tide, the strip of sand on Ilha do Amor, as the city is also known, practically disappears, while at low tide, the expanse of sand extends up to two kilometers towards the sea.

In addition to altering the landscape, the tides also influence the color of the sea waters in São Luís. With a cloudy, moss-green tone, the waters become even more intriguing during the new and full moon tides, when the strength of the Currents drag sediments into the sea, intensifying the hue.

In the first quarter and last quarter phases, the waters become transparent, revealing shades of green and blue. This natural spectacle is the result of the shape of the coastline, the phases of the moon and the proximity to the Equator, providing a dazzling palette of colors.

Therefore, if you are planning to enjoy a nautical trip, it is essential to pay attention to the tide tables. Boat and ferry schedules are directly linked to high tide, ensuring a smooth departure and avoiding strandings. There is no standard time for arrivals and departures; the only rule is that the tide dictates the pace!