When it comes to contact with nature, São Luís has easy access to parks, woods, forests and sites. Explore, relax and connect with nature in one of our parks:

Jansen Lagoon Park

Jansen Lagoa Park combines nature with leisure options. Cycle paths, jogging track and social areas make this park an ideal place for outdoor activities.

Sítio do Rangedor Ecological Park

Considered an integral protection unit for replenishing the city’s aquifers, Parque do Rangedor, as it is better known, occupies a large green area in an urbanized region. It is a space for decompression and coexistence with lots of nature and infrastructure for outdoor activities, attracting visitors and city residents every day of the week in its eight squares spread over 120 hectares.

Bom Menino Park

In the heart of São Luís, Parque do Bom Menino is a green refuge amid the hustle and bustle of the city center. Its shaded spaces are ideal for walking and practicing physical activities. The Park also has a sports complex.

Parque Botânico da Vale

The Vale Botanical Park is an environmental preservation area that brings together an extensive collection of fauna and flora species. It offers educational experiences through trail rides for visitors of all ages, as well as picnic space, cactirium, seedling nursery, herbarium, orchidarium and much more.

Itapiracó Reserve

It is an Environmental Protection Area that brings together a variety of fauna, flora and river sources. This reserve has more than 10 kilometers of walking area, as well as squares and sports courts.

Juçara Rosa Mochel Park

Parque da Juçara Rosa Mochel (@parquedajucara_) is an invitation to a cultural and ecological immersion in the rural region of São Luís. It is a place that combines history, preservation and leisure in the same experience.