The Island Route is an experience that aims to provide tourists with an organized itinerary through the cultural, historical and cultural beauties of São Luís and four cities located a few kilometers from the capital:  Alcântara, Raposa, Paço do Lumiar and São José de Ribamar.

In São Luís, the experience itinerary is carried out through a four-hour city tour through the most important points of the city’s Historic Center.


89 kilometers from São Luís, the city tour lasts approximately 3 hours. The meeting point is the Praia Grande Pier in the Historic Center of the capital, where visitors board a boat for the crossing to Alcântara. The itinerary includes visits to churches, historical ruins, museums and the pillory, with stops to explore each location. After the tour, tourists have the option of relaxing on the stunning beaches of Itatinga and Ilha do Livramento.


Visitors are taken to see the famous Maranhão pillowcases on Carimã Beach. Conducted on boats on a nautical tour, during the entire tour visitors can contemplate the rich fauna and flora of the region. This tourist itinerary lasts an average of 4 hours. The itinerary includes four stops for swimming, oyster tasting and culminates in the impressive Maranhão pillowcases.

São José de Ribamar

The journey continues with an exciting 2-hour buggy ride. The itinerary takes visitors to stunning beaches, such as Ponta Vermelha, Caúra and Panaquatira. The adventure continues to the bird nursery, passing along a trail on Ponta Verde beach.

Paço do Lumiar

Being the last stop where visitors delve into the history of Bumba Meu Boi with a visit to Barracão do Bumba meu Boi da Maioba (@boidamaiobaoficial). Then, the experience continues with an afternoon of adventures at the Valparaíso Adventure Park Water Park (valparaisoadventurepark).

The Island Route can be carried out in an integrated way or individually for each of these destinations, through specialized tourism agencies. For more information, consult the São Luís Tourist Service Center.