Discover the rural beauties of the Grande Island of São Luís

A pioneering initiative that promises to delight visitors and boost the economic and social development of the four municipalities that make up the Greater Island of São Luis. The Circuito Agroturismo São Luís is a unique opportunity for you to explore traditions and beauties, discovering enterprises whose main focus is rural tourism, agritourism and experience tourism.

The São Luís Agrotourism Circuit’s main objective is to promote knowledge of local business models, revealing their potential for rural-based tourism. The circuit covers the municipalities of Paço do Lumiar, Raposa and São José de Ribamar, and stands out for offering a unique experience through rural areas with exuberant nature and establishments that invest in the difference to attract visitors.

Among the enterprises that make up the Circuito Agroturismo São Luís are names such as Haras 4 Irmãos, Sítio Cajueiro, Vivêro Por do Sol, Sol Nascente Apiário, Plantas Alberto, Vivenda Orgânica, Aventura Rural, Marisqueiras do Timbuba, Ilha do Sururu, Sítio Pantanal and Fazendinha Fox Park. These establishments offer a variety of activities, from visiting farms and sites to gastronomic experiences that highlight the typical flavors of Maranhão.

Cajueiro Site

At Sítio Cajueiro, visitors have the opportunity to taste the famous cashew sweets, as well as other locally produced delicacies. The diversity of activities provides unforgettable moments in which you can explore local culture in an authentic way. Follow on Instagram: @docecajueiro

Sururu Island

Sustainability, gastronomy and production valorization in a single itinerary. Sururu Island is an eco-gastronomic itinerary that invites visitors to immerse themselves in a setting that harmonizes nature and the simplicity of Raposa’s seafood restaurants. Follow on Instagram: @ilhadosururu.

Sunset Nursery

Viveiro Pôr do Sol is a refuge from stress. A place where you can meet nature, enjoying a fishing experience, as well as enjoying snacks from your own farmed freshwater fish. Follow on Instagram: @viveiropordosol.

Pantanal Site

How about learning about farmed fish production and tasting delicious recipes based on this fish? Mr Zezão and Dona Sandra from Sítio Pantanal are waiting for you to be part of this experience. Follow on Instagram: @sitiopantanal.srj.

Timbuba seafood restaurants

Come embark on a nautical adventure on the banks of the Timbuba River and discover the curiosities of the daily life of seafood restaurants. A perfect place to connect with nature. Follow on Instagram: @associacaodosmoradoresdotimbuba.

Sol Nascente Apiári

A tour of the property’s agricultural route, learning about the journey of honey and its benefits from experts in beekeeping and melipoculture. Follow on Instagram: @melsolnascente.

Vivenda Orgânica

Experience in Permaculture with a trail at Aglofloresta. Follow on Instagram: @vivenda_organicos.

Aventura  Rural

Rustic and simple with abundant nature and natural lakes and Maranhão cuisine. Follow on Instagram: @aventurarural.

Haras 4 irmãos

Experience this place by going horseback riding, zip lining, pedal boating, fishing, visiting the little farm and marveling at the delicacies served in the restaurant, in the rural café and much more! Follow on Instagram: @haras4irmãos.

Fazendinha Parque Raposa

A connection with nature! We provide a gastronomic experience with the best of Maranhão cuisine and fun with the water park with swimming pool and playground for children, as well as accommodation for the whole family. Follow on Instagram: @oficialfazendinha.

Plantas Alberto

Discover the fascinating production of the most diverse species of flowers and ornamental plants cultivated in the traditional community of Vassoural, in Paço do Lumiar. An unmissable visit for nature lovers who want to explore and get to know the cultivation of these beautiful floral creations up close. Follow on Instagram: @plantasalberto.