Watching the Sunset in São Luís is an experience that needs no adjectives, which do not take into account the dimension of beauty and the impact that this moment of the day provides as a true spectacle of nature.

The activity of contemplating the transition from day to night in São Luís is an unmissable program and can be done from various tourist attractions in the city. Espigão da Ponta d’Areia is one of these points of appreciation.

Now imagine yourself enjoying this evening to the sound of an incredible repertoire and a program designed to make this moment even more special. Well, that is exactly what Pôr do Sol Musical proposes.

Organized by the City of São Luís through the Municipal Department of Tourism, the initiative promotes, on Sundays, monthly in the second half of the year, a program for tourists to enjoy a sunset of singular beauty, from one of its most beautiful tourist attractions of the city – the Espigão da Ponta d’Areia region, which brings together several monuments from where the experience can also be equally enjoyed.

In the Pôr do Sol Musical experience in Espigão, tourists enjoy nature in a space with a gentle breeze and a panoramic view of the sea. It has contact with crafts made in the city that are sold locally, while instrumental musicians, artists and cultural groups are responsible for ensuring an atmosphere that makes visitors disconnect from routine and enter a state of permanent connection with beauty and energy. of the city.

Starting at 5pm, the Pôr do Sol Musical lasts an average of 1h30. In Espigão Costeiro, the program is held in a region with a long promenade with accessibility, lighting, bike path, parking, green picnic area, cafeteria and kiosks for the public’s comfort.

In São Luís, allow yourself to enjoy the soft colors and peaceful sensations of this natural spectacle in several tourist spots such as: Mirante da Cidade, Praça Gonçalves Dias, Praia da Guia, Avenida Litorânea. Discover Pôr do Sol Musical and experience unforgettable moments during your trip.