An island. Many flavors

Anyone who arrives in São Luís is already faced with a rich gastronomy filled with many flavors. And, to top it off, there are people known for always extending their hospitality to those who arrive, in São Luís many tourists are won over at the table while tasting typical dishes from the region and drinks that are prepared with the creativity of those who live in the city. world Heritage.

The city has an exhibition that allows visitors a true tour of its gastronomic diversity and its influences, such as the Museu da Gastronomia Maranhense, and local restaurants, especially those located in the historic center and beach region, where you will find delicacies such as cuxá rice, pepper jelly, liqueurs, shrimp pie, toc toc crab, bacon rice, sun-dried meat, cooked hake, and much more.

As it is a city surrounded by water, São Luís has many fish and seafood options on its menu, which result in famous dishes here, such as Peixada Maranhão. Sun-dried meat also stands out. And the list is completed with juçara, which appears as one of the Ludovicenses’ favorite foods.

For visitors who have dietary restrictions or who are looking for special restaurants capable of meeting their needs, São Luís has a set of establishments that offer different options for vegetarians and vegans.

These differentiated menus can be found in chain restaurants and in local establishments that already have exclusive menus to serve this audience.