Discover the Reggae houses in São Luís

In São Luís, music comes to life in a unique way, especially when it comes to authentic reggae. Whether on the stages of local bands or the performances of international artists, the city offers the opportunity to feel the engaging beats and captivating melodies of the Jamaican rhythm that are an invitation to a vibrant sensory experience.

Where to experience Reggae in São Luís?

One of the attractions for those who want to discover this musical aspect in São Luís are the reggae houses or clubs. Some of them are located in the Historic Center and in different neighborhoods of the city: Liberdade, Camboa, Bairro de Fátima, João Paulo, Cidade Operária, Sá Viana, Vila Embratel, Anjo da Guarda, Calhau, Olho d´Água, among others. In these neighborhoods, it is possible to find houses that play reggae and the dance comes together in an infectious way.

The GDAM group is also responsible for a vast reggae program in the city of São Luís. They have a permanent calendar of workshops and events in the most diverse locations in the city of São Luís.

Specifically in the Historic Center and its surroundings there are reggae clubs with regular programs, such as in Praça dos Catraieiros, in the Praia Grande neighborhood (in front of Casa do Maranhão) and several other party houses specializing in the Jamaican rhythm spread throughout the region. In the Madre Deus neighborhood, located 2 kilometers from the Historic Center, there are also many reggae club initiatives with parties that take place on weekends. On Avenida Litorânea, reggae is also present at Bar do Nelson (@bardonelso_oficial), famous for the roots reggae that plays on its sound systems.

A museum to call your own

Due to its importance to the city’s culture, São Luís was officially recognized as the National Capital of Reggae, through Federal Law, 14,668, of 2023. This title highlights the importance of reggae not only as a musical genre, but as part integral to the capital’s identity.

Furthermore, São Luís is the only city in the world, outside of Jamaica, to house a museum dedicated exclusively to reggae. The Reggae Museum (@museudoreggae), opened in 2009, displays an impressive collection of the genre’s memory, from instruments to rare records and photographs of iconic artists. It is an unmissable destination for anyone visiting the city and is open from Tuesday to Saturday, from 9am to 6pm. And on Sundays from 9am to 1pm.

Embark on this contagious musical journey and let yourself be carried away by the magic of reggae in this perfect destination that is São Luís do Maranhão.

Reggae at Sea

And if you want to enjoy reggae while sailing along the Anil and Bacanga rivers, enjoying a moonlit night, and appreciating the beautiful historic center, there is the Reggae Cruise offered on specific dates, to the sound of DJ Ademar Danilo.