Appreciate São Luís do Maranhão from a special angle, in the same way that the great navigators who arrived here more than 400 years ago saw it when arriving in the city.

The Nautical Route is a tour option that has increasingly attracted the attention of those who live or visit the island. The Catamaran tour is operated by tourism companies and follows the tide table. It offers the opportunity to explore the offshore landscape, lush mangroves, beaches, coastal birds and a breathtaking perspective of both the new city and its Historic Center.

The tour has no age restrictions and on its itinerary visitors are taken through calm waters to places where it is possible to have a special view of the capital, enjoying the sunset and watching the city shine at night.

The tourist experience lasts an average of 4 hours and is offered in packages that can even be customized, with options that include everything from transfer from your accommodation to Marina Aven (pier located in Ponta d’Areia where the boats depart) to a on-board service with food, drinks and the performance of musical groups throughout the tour. On the pier, visitors will find bars and restaurants in operation. The itinerary generally starts at the marina, and continues along the Anil river, passing through Ilhinha, São Francisco bridge, Rffsa, Praça Maria Aragão, Praça Gonçalves Dias, Igreja dos Remédios, Avenida Beira Mar, Ponte Bandeira Tribuzi, Palácio dos Leões, Casa do Maranhão, Praia Grande Integration Terminal, Estaleiro Escola and Barragem do Bacanga (the itinerary may be subject to change).

When visiting São Luís, include the Nautical Route with one of the unmissable experiences for you to live here. There are several companies that offer the tour at different times, such as morning and late afternoon, to enjoy that beautiful sunset. And take a closer look at this poetic portrait that São Luís provides by combining nature and history in a spectacle aboard a Catamaran along the calm waters of the Anil and Bacanga rivers.