With the aim of providing tourists with a cultural enrichment experience and a discovery of the tourist destination, the “Segredos Históricos” (Historical Secrets) Tour has stood out as a unique option for those who want to explore São Luís’ Historic Center in an authentic, playful manner with a lot of interaction with artists, culture, and the architectural heritage of the city.

The Historical Secrets Route has two different routes:


  • City Hall Headquarters – Ravardiere Palace
  • Port authority
  • Court of Justice Forum
  • Poets Square
  • Mother of Water Square
  • Cathedral Church
  • Benedito Leite Square
  • Nazaré Street
  • João Lisboa Square
  • Largo do Carmo


  • City Hall – La Ravardiere Palace
  • Palace of the Lions
  • Port Captaincy
  • Engineer Couto Fernandes Street
  • Nazaré Street – Gastronomy Museum
  • Portugal Street
  • Catarina Mina Alley
  • Customs Street
  • Star Street
  • Nauro Machado Square
  • Faustina Square
  • Giz Street

Guided by an experienced tour guide, visitors explore the streets of the Historic Center on foot, accompanied by the immersive melody of Bike Sound, which sets the course to an eclectic repertoire, reflecting the cultural diversity of the region.

Along the walk, artists dressed in period costumes surprise participants with theatrical acts through the streets and staircases, revealing the legends and stories involving figures fundamental to the formation of the identity of São Luís. From notable poets, to those responsible for founding the city, Daniel de La Touche, to Ana Jansen, the enigmatic lady of great economic power, thus providing a fascinating immersion in the city’s rich narrative.

The Historic Secrets Route initiative is more than a simple tour. It is a spectacle transformed into a unique tourist experience. Valuing the different spaces, the Route not only reveals the history of São Luís, but also pleases visitors of all profiles.

Discover the secrets kept in the streets of the Historic Center of São Luís through this itinerary and prepare yourself for a journey through time that will forever be etched in your memory

The schedule of the Historic Secrets Route can be seen on the social networks of São Luís Tourism (@turismo.saoluis) and at the Tourist Service Center (CAT).