São Luís is a welcoming city that not only welcomes tourists, but also extends its welcome to pets.

The parks and green areas of São Luís are true playgrounds for pets. The large spaces of Parque do Bom Menino, Parquinho da Litorânea and Parque do Rangerdor are perfect for lively walks and outdoor games. Together, you can enjoy the shaded areas and create unforgettable memories.

The city also has local pet shops and daycare centers that offer special care, ensuring that your pet friend enjoys every moment of the trip. The capital’s shopping centers also welcome visitors alongside their pets. And some restaurants, including those located on the beach, also allow pets, allowing you to enjoy the delights of local cuisine alongside your best friend.

At Lagoa da Jansen and Espigão da Ponta da d’Areia it is possible to take long walks with your pet. And the city has several hotels and inns that welcome pets, providing comfortable and pleasant stays for your whole family.

In São Luís, your pet is welcomed with the same hospitality as you, ensuring that you can build unforgettable memories in this unique tourist destination in Brazil.