São Luís is a destination that offers experiences for all ages. And for older people it is no different. The destination offers options for this niche, which finds in the city countless possibilities for leisure and socialization in a safe environment that welcomes its visitors with open arms, where you will find a receptive atmosphere with accessible infrastructure, local hospitality and a tranquility that creates an environment conducive to a relaxing and enriching trip.

Whether alone or in a group, tourists disembark in São Luís with their main interests being the history, culture and natural beauty of the city, available for this journey in the form of tours and tourist itineraries.

For this public, the Historic Center with its set of more than 5 thousand properties of Portuguese architecture invites a return to the past, amidst a scenario that includes streets and alleys that hold, in addition to the stories, mysteries and legends that populate the imagination. of the city. Here, each tour becomes a moment of great learning and contemplation.

In this specific region, visitors can shop for handicrafts, visit various exhibitions installed in museums and cultural houses, enjoy the landscape while relaxing in the squares, watch the sunset near Avenida Beira Mar, Praça Pedro II and Praça Gonçalves Days; and try the authentic Ludovicense gastronomy that is offered in the restaurants that started operating at night, many also offering bar service and music of different styles.

There, it is also possible to come across popular events such as Tambor de Crioula. At Mercado das Tulhas, visitors will find a varied range of delicacies and in the city’s churches, spread across various parts of the Center, tourists come into contact with the religiosity that helps tell the city’s history.

A few kilometers from the Historic Center, visitors can enjoy the urban beaches with warm waters that provide moments of relaxation and leisure with a quality tourist infrastructure. In this coastal region, there is also the option of the Nautical Route, which allows you to see the new city and the historic part of São Luís from a very special perspective that will forever leave an impression on those who venture into this experience.

The parks and squares of São Luís are also highly valued by this group of tourists. In search of greater contact with nature, these equipment are ideal for practicing activities that generate well-being.

Other tours and itineraries are also excellent options for those who want to enjoy the city, such as a visit to the Arthur Azevedo Theater, which has a regular program, available for consultation on its communication channels. All this in addition to shopping malls, cinemas and art, film and music festivals that take place on different dates throughout the year.

In June and July, tourists experience the highlight of the Bumba Meu Boi festivities, the biggest celebration of local culture. In the other months, they can get in touch with the demonstration by visiting the cultural groups’ own huts during their rehearsal period.

These suggested itineraries, as well as maps and information can be accessed in more detail in other areas here on the São Luís destination website, as well as through the Tourist Service Center, where visitors can find the possibility of staying up to date with the itinerary schedule. prepared by Setur and make the most of your experience in the capital of Maranhão in the best way possible.