Municipal Guard of São Luís

São Luís has a municipal guard made up of security agents trained to enhance the experience of tourists during their stay by guaranteeing effective combat and prevention of crime and public disorder.

Contact: (98) 99186-6348 / 153

Batalhão de Polícia Militar do Turismo do Maranhão (BPTur)

The Tourism Military Police Battalion of Maranhão (BPTur) is the specialized police force tasked with ensuring the security of the community in areas with high tourist traffic in São Luís.

Contact: (98) 98883-0820 / 190

1st Batalhão de Bombeiros Militar São Luís

Operate the Fire Department in case of fires, traffic accidents with victims, injuries resulting in injuries, drownings or domestic accidents (burns, poisoning).

Contact: 193 / (98) 98866-7628