The largest Urban Quilombo in Latin America

Awarded twice, the Quilombo Cultural de São Luís itinerary, in the Braztoa Sustainability award in 2022 and in the National Tourism Award in 2023, is an invitation for you to prepare to experience a unique immersion in the largest Urban Quilombo in Latin America on a tour guided through the neighborhoods of Liberdade, Diamante, Fé em Deus and Camboa.

Afro Quilombola Roots

Structured as a tourist activity and promoted by the City of São Luís through the Municipal Secretariat of Tourism, the Cultural Quilombo Tour is held monthly, always on the last Sunday of each month. Its intention is to guide tourists and visitors on a true journey of discovery into the Afro quilombola roots that played a role in the city’s formation.

In this fascinating adventure, participants delve into the daily life of communities and engage in workshops on Tambor de Crioula, Percussion, Afro Dance, Reggae, and Bumba Meu Boi, among other memorable experiences.

Our roots

With 10 places to visit such as: Mercado Municipal da Liberdade, Terreiro Ylé Ashé Obá Yzôo, Bloco Tradicional Os Indomáveis Show, Bumba meu Boi da Floresta, Terreiro Ilé Ashé Ogum Sogbô, Bloco Afro Abiyeyé Maylô, Tambor de Crioula Maracrioula, Bumba meu Boi de Leonardo, Producer Novo Quilombo – Reggae and Bloco Afro Netos de Nanã, reveals the vibrant roots of São Luís’ ancestry.

To participate in the experience, visitors are charged a collaborative fee (from the participating houses), which also includes the accompaniment of a Tourist Guide throughout the route and transport (round trip) leaving normally from Feirinha São Luís (check the dynamics of the itinerary at the Tourist Service Center).

Quilombo Urban Culture and Tourism Center

During the Tour, the public has the opportunity to visit the Quilombo Urbano Culture and Tourism Center, a dynamic space located in the Liberdade neighborhood for learning, cultural promotion and interaction between the local community and visitors.

Responsible for supporting and coordinating the experiences that make up the Quilombo Cultural tourist itinerary, the Center also offers assistance to tourists, educational activities and develops exhibitions that value the region’s cultural production, including crafts and local products.

When visiting São Luís, don’t miss the opportunity to experience this celebration of Afro-Brazilian culture in a complete and rich immersion of history and culture. For more information about the Cultural Quilombo Tour in São Luís, contact the Center for Culture and Tourism of Quilombo Urbano located on Gregório de Matos Street, s/n, Liberdade neighborhood (open Monday to Thursday – 1 pm to 7 pm and Friday from 8 am to 2 pm).