Located on the banks of the Bacanga River, in Sítio Tamancão, in the Anjo da Guarda neighborhood, Estaleiro Escola is a reference for the culture and education of São Luís do Maranhão.

The Estaleiro Escola project arose from the desire to preserve the artisanal and peculiar techniques of master carpenters in the construction of boats, ensuring that this valuable knowledge was passed on to future generations. Civil engineer Luiz Phelipe Andrès (in memorian), one of the coordinators of the “Embarcações do Maranhão” research project in 1998, was fundamental in this preservation effort.

A unique feature of the Estaleiro Escola is its impressive collection of tools that have been used over the centuries in the State’s naval carpentry. This historical heritage is a true window into the past, allowing students and visitors to get to know up close the techniques and skills that have been the basis of the construction of Maranhão boats.

Considered a place of great historical significance, Estaleiro Escola is located in a region known as Sítio Tamancão and which houses old warehouses from the 19th century, a large house, a tide mill (an ingenious system that harnessed tidal energy) that was restored and Today it is an attraction that forms part of the visitation circuit to the site. More information can be found on the institution’s social network profile: @estaleiroescola