For those who also value contact with nature and seek adrenaline through extreme sports, São Luís offers experiences that involve sports in the form of activities such as Rappelling, Hang Gliding, Canoeing, Bike/Pedal, Stand Up Paddle, Wind Surf, Kite Surfing, Fishing, Beach Volleyball and much more. These activities are normally offered by schools and established companies that develop a range of services related to sports and adventure tourism on the island. And which are added to the sporting events and competitions that are part of seasonal programs.

Among the sports practices, one of the most popular in São Luís is Kitesurfing, a sport that attracts thousands of tourists every year, due to the possibility that the city offers for urban sailing, without the need to travel to distant beaches. Not to mention the water temperature, strong winds (especially between the months of July and November) and the large number of sunny days throughout the year.

In the most diverse areas of the beaches of São Marcos, Calhau and Olho d’Água it is possible to find several schools that rent kites, boards and other essential items for practicing the sport. These companies also offer classes for audiences of all ages.

In municipalities on the big island, such as São José de Ribamar, there are also schools specializing in the practice of this sport.