Staged by the Independent Group of Amateur Theater (Grita) on the streets of the Anjo da Guarda neighborhood in São Luís, the dramatization of the Via Crucis, which portrays the last moments of Jesus on earth, is performed with a cast of actors from the community itself and attracts thousands of people every year.

Via Sacra

The Via Sacra performance by the Grita Group was conceived in 1981 with the aim of conveying the liberating sentiment of the Passion of Christ to the community. Hundreds of residents from Anjo da Guarda and the surrounding area collaborate in the execution of the play, including actors, production, and technical staff. The staging of the play covers about 2 km of streets in the neighborhood, with acts performed in various locations in Anjo da Guarda. The Via Sacra is staged during the Holy Week.

Procissão dos Orixás

Celebrated in homage to the foundation of São Luís, the Orixás Procession is an event organized by the Federation of Umbanda and Brazilian Afro-Cult Worship of Maranhão (Fucabma). During the event, fathers, mothers, sons, and daughters of saints walk through the centuries-old streets, always on September 8, the anniversary of the capital of Maranhão. The procession also pays homage to Dom Luís Rei de França, an entity inspired by the king who gave his name to the island, and Our Lady of Victory, the patroness of the city.

The gathering always takes place in front of La Ravardiere Palace, the City Hall, from where it proceeds in a procession through the streets of the historic center towards the Church of Desterro. The event concludes with prayers, chants, thanks, and a drum salute. This meeting of practitioners of the African matrix religion has been taking place for over half a century and is also attended by tourists, teachers, researchers, and students. The event, supported by the Municipal Executive, is part of the calendar of activities celebrating the city’s anniversary.