In the heart of the historic center of São Luís, stands a monument that is more than a building; It is a living witness to the rich history of Maranhão. The Palácio dos Leões, headquarters of the government of the state of Maranhão, is a treasure that deserves the attention of culture and history lovers.

Built in 1626, at the beginning of the 17th century, the place was the residence of the ruler of the region, the Palácio dos Leões is a true symbol of Maranhão culture. Its strategic location, where the city of São Luís originated, is a constant reminder of the historical importance of this place. The architecture of the palace and its internal artistic treasures tell the story of Maranhão and its cultural influence.

At the entrance to the Palácio dos Leões, two heraldic bronze sculptures greet visitors. Visiting the place is like taking a trip back in time, exploring the history and culture of Maranhão. Each room and corridor in this building holds secrets and stories to be uncovered. A visit to Palácio dos Leões is an opportunity to delve into the cultural and historical richness of this city, which is unique in Brazil.

If you are planning a trip to São Luís, be sure to include the Palácio dos Leões in your itinerary. São Luís awaits you to share its well-kept secrets that you can discover at Palácio dos Leões.