Among the various places that reveal the rich historical heritage of São Luís is the Santo Antônio da Barra Fort. The place stands out as an unmissable spot for tourists who want to explore the cultural roots of this charming city.

At the Boat Museum, visitors have the opportunity to explore 17 different types of traditional Maranhão boats through detailed scale models, faithfully reproducing the originals. These vessels are part of Maranhão’s rich tradition in river transport. Its original forms are part of the city’s cultural heritage, and this museum offers a unique way to appreciate this heritage.

There, the Image and Sound Museum is another highlight in the fort. On site, visitors can enjoy a projection room with several videos that explore Maranhão culture in all its diversity. The location also offers new technology with the use of virtual reality glasses, transporting visitors to tourist destinations in Maranhão. Furthermore, a collection of old audiovisual equipment, such as cameras and projectors, reminds us of technological evolution over the years.

Located on Ponta d’Areia beach, this fort has a history that goes back centuries, being listed by IPHAN (Institute of National Historical and Artistic Heritage) in 1975. The place largely preserves its original architecture and historical value.

Today, the Santo Antônio da Barra Fort is much more than a historical monument. It has transformed into a dynamic cultural space that immerses visitors in the traditions and rich heritage of Maranhão. Since 2012, the site has housed the Museu de Embarcações Tradicionais Maranhenses, a memorial to the history of the fort and the Museum of Image and Sound, making it a complete tourist destination.

Therefore, if you are planning a visit to São Luís, be sure to include the Santo Antônio da Barra Fort in your itinerary. The place is a deep dive into the traditions, history and culture of Maranhão, and a window that opens onto a world of discoveries.