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Discover your travel host in Maranhão. Browse through a list of guides with expertise in various areas: São Luís, São José de Ribamar, Raposa, Alcântara, Lençóis Maranhenses, and Chapada das Mesas. Click here and book now.

The capital of Maranhão stands out as a meeting point for diversity, offering unique experiences for the LGBTQUIA+ public

Tourists looking for an option that combines natural beauty and diversity must include the city of São Luís on their itinerary. The capital of Maranhão, which is already known for its cobblestone streets, colonial mansions and beautiful beaches, is emerging as an inclusive tourist destination for the LGBTQUIA+ community.

With a welcoming atmosphere, an effervescent cultural scene and a series of events and attractions aimed at this audience, São Luís is standing out as a meeting point for diversity in northeastern Brazil.

Also known as Love Island, the city has a surprisingly lively nightlife, which caters to different tastes and preferences, with gay-friendly bars and nightclubs located in the Historic Center, Praia Grande, Ponta d’Areia, in neighborhoods such as Turu, São Cristóvão, Cidade Operária, João de Deus, among others, which offer a nighttime experience with music, dance and fun. In some restaurants, bars and hotels in the city it is possible to notice the rainbow flag or warnings like “Homophobia is a crime”, demonstrating support for the LGBTQUIA+ community.

The city is also known for its June festivals, which embrace diversity, where in some of them it is possible to watch June gang performances with an LGBTQUIA+ theme. Another option outside of the June season are events and festivals that celebrate diversity, such as the LGBTQUIA+ Diversity Pride Parade, which annually brings together numerous activities, including debates on diversity, fashion shows and shows, creating a space for celebration and awareness. The beautiful island is also home to artists and musicians who express their identities and stories in their works, contributing to a diverse arts scene.

An interesting fact is that in São Luís, gay people are called “qualira”. There are some theories for this exotic nomenclature, but they all revolve around the same source: the musical instrument “lyre”. One of the stories related to the lira in the LGBTQUIA+ universe of Maranhão, states that some revelers dressed up playing the instrument during carnival in an “effeminate” way. And then when they were going to refer to a gay person, they would ask: “are you from the block with the lira”. Over time, the expression took up space in popular language and over time, the expression “com a lira” became the word “qualira”.

The Island was also marked in the history of its foundation by recording the first case of homophobia documented in Brazil. The victim was the Tibira Indian who was tied to the mouth of a cannon and exploded. The Tupinambá Indian was persecuted by the French, and executed for being homosexual in 1614. As a way of raising awareness of the crimes of homophobia, they erected in his honor a tombstone carved in bronze placed in the same place where his martyrdom occurred.

The capital of Maranhão has made efforts to promote inclusion and diversity in its tourist attractions and businesses. To this end, the City of São Luís, through the Municipal Secretariat of Tourism (Setur), joined the organization IGLTA – International LGBTQIA+ Tourism Association – with the aim of promoting and expanding tourism in this segment in São Luís.

IGLTA is a global organization focused on the LGBTQIA+ public that aims to promote safety and equality in tourism for all. Setur joined the organization seeking resources and information to promote and strengthen tourism for the national and international LGBTQIA+ public. The intention is to enhance this segment on Ilha do Amor, for tourists by presenting bars, restaurants and other places aimed at the LGBTQIA+ public that can be visited during a trip.

In short, São Luís emerges as a tourist destination that establishes itself as a meeting point for the LGBTQUIA+ community. The capital of Maranhão stands out as a place where everyone is welcome to celebrate life and diversity, making it an unmissable destination for travelers looking for an authentic and inclusive experience.

With a charm and atmosphere typical of a historic city located on a tropical coast, the destination São Luís reveals itself as a charming setting for couples looking for a wedding or honeymoon destination.

In the streets of the Historic Center, couples will find colonial mansions that transport the bride and groom and guests on a journey through time, creating a fairytale atmosphere to celebrate love. On its beaches, the city offers a paradisiacal environment for weddings by the sea. From Praia da Ponta d’Areia to Praia do Olho d’Água, creating a backdrop for exchanging vows and celebrations at dusk. The city’s sunset provides a magical and romantic atmosphere for a union that will be etched in everyone’s memory.

Exclusive Services

São Luís is known for its warm hospitality, and this extends to the exclusive services offered for weddings. From the services of experienced wedding planners to the choice of enchanting venues, the city strives to make the bride and groom’s dreams a perfect reality.

Contact the Tourist Service Center and find out more about this experience in São Luís.

The capital of Maranhão celebrates religious diversity and welcomes visitors of all faiths. Its cultural heritage allows different traditions to intertwine, creating a respectful and inspiring environment for all who seek to experience faith in its diversity.

Throughout the year, the city offers opportunities for religious communities to share their faith practices, where visitors have the chance to participate in events and activities that promote understanding and strengthen different religious denominations, from traditional festivals linked to African-based religions to Catholic celebrations.

Many of these religious moments are currently part of the city’s calendar of events. Click here and check it out.

São Luís is a welcoming city that not only welcomes tourists, but also extends its welcome to pets.

The parks and green areas of São Luís are true playgrounds for pets. The large spaces of Parque do Bom Menino, Parquinho da Litorânea and Parque do Rangerdor are perfect for lively walks and outdoor games. Together, you can enjoy the shaded areas and create unforgettable memories.

The city also has local pet shops and daycare centers that offer special care, ensuring that your pet friend enjoys every moment of the trip. The capital’s shopping centers also welcome visitors alongside their pets. And some restaurants, including those located on the beach, also allow pets, allowing you to enjoy the delights of local cuisine alongside your best friend.

At Lagoa da Jansen and Espigão da Ponta da d’Areia it is possible to take long walks with your pet. And the city has several hotels and inns that welcome pets, providing comfortable and pleasant stays for your whole family.

In São Luís, your pet is welcomed with the same hospitality as you, ensuring that you can build unforgettable memories in this unique tourist destination in Brazil.

São Luís is a destination that offers experiences for all ages. And for older people it is no different. The destination offers options for this niche, which finds in the city countless possibilities for leisure and socialization in a safe environment that welcomes its visitors with open arms, where you will find a receptive atmosphere with accessible infrastructure, local hospitality and a tranquility that creates an environment conducive to a relaxing and enriching trip.

Whether alone or in a group, tourists disembark in São Luís with their main interests being the history, culture and natural beauty of the city, available for this journey in the form of tours and tourist itineraries.

For this public, the Historic Center with its set of more than 5 thousand properties of Portuguese architecture invites a return to the past, amidst a scenario that includes streets and alleys that hold, in addition to the stories, mysteries and legends that populate the imagination. of the city. Here, each tour becomes a moment of great learning and contemplation.

In this specific region, visitors can shop for handicrafts, visit various exhibitions installed in museums and cultural houses, enjoy the landscape while relaxing in the squares, watch the sunset near Avenida Beira Mar, Praça Pedro II and Praça Gonçalves Days; and try the authentic Ludovicense gastronomy that is offered in the restaurants that started operating at night, many also offering bar service and music of different styles.

There, it is also possible to come across popular events such as Tambor de Crioula. At Mercado das Tulhas, visitors will find a varied range of delicacies and in the city’s churches, spread across various parts of the Center, tourists come into contact with the religiosity that helps tell the city’s history.

A few kilometers from the Historic Center, visitors can enjoy the urban beaches with warm waters that provide moments of relaxation and leisure with a quality tourist infrastructure. In this coastal region, there is also the option of the Nautical Route, which allows you to see the new city and the historic part of São Luís from a very special perspective that will forever leave an impression on those who venture into this experience.

The parks and squares of São Luís are also highly valued by this group of tourists. In search of greater contact with nature, these equipment are ideal for practicing activities that generate well-being.

Other tours and itineraries are also excellent options for those who want to enjoy the city, such as a visit to the Arthur Azevedo Theater, which has a regular program, available for consultation on its communication channels. All this in addition to shopping malls, cinemas and art, film and music festivals that take place on different dates throughout the year.

In June and July, tourists experience the highlight of the Bumba Meu Boi festivities, the biggest celebration of local culture. In the other months, they can get in touch with the demonstration by visiting the cultural groups’ own huts during their rehearsal period.

These suggested itineraries, as well as maps and information can be accessed in more detail in other areas here on the São Luís destination website, as well as through the Tourist Service Center, where visitors can find the possibility of staying up to date with the itinerary schedule. prepared by Setur and make the most of your experience in the capital of Maranhão in the best way possible.

Handcraft Store

Endereço: Rua Portugal – Nº 302 – Centro – São Luís – MA
CEP: 65010-480
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Opened in 1989, the “Centro de Comercialização de Produtos Artesanais do Maranhão” (Ceprama) stands out as a must-visit destination for those interested in exploring the rich artisanal production of São Luís and other regions of the state. Besides being a place filled with sociocultural significance and a driver of artisanal activity, Ceprama presents itself as the ideal spot for those seeking an authentic souvenir to gift to friends and family. Its economic relevance is undeniable, as it plays a significant role in generating income for countless families in Maranhão.

In the vast mansion of approximately 3,000 square meters, located in the former facilities of the Hemp Spinning and Weaving Company, Ceprama has transformed into a cultural epicenter. There, you can find products from all regions of the state, crafted from raw materials that reflect the richness of the areas that make up Maranhão. Seeds, clay, ceramics, wood, bones, stones, fibers, straw, tiles, leather, and bobbin lace are skillfully transformed into works of art that capture the everyday life and identity of the Maranhense people.

In addition to being a showcase of Maranhão’s traditions and craftsmanship, Ceprama plays a strategic role in supporting and promoting the artisanal production of various municipalities in the state. Housing the only support point of the Brazilian Craft Program (PAB) in the region, the location offers artisans the opportunity to formalize their work and obtain the National Artisan Card. Visitors have the chance to explore and acquire these authentic handicrafts from Monday to Friday, from 9 am to 5 pm, and on Saturdays, from 9 am to 1 pm, at 1332 São Pantaleão Street, Madre Deus, Downtown São Luís. Ceprama is more than just a market; it is a true center for the preservation and celebration of the rich artisanal heritage of Maranhão. More information: @ceprama_setur.

 Casa das Tulhas

Located in the Historic Center of São Luís, Casa das Tulhas, also known as Feira da Praia Grande, stands as a historical and architectural reference from the 19th century. Initially intended for the sale of grains, this public market witnessed a significant transformation between 1855 and 1861 when the Maranhense Confidence Company took control, demolishing and rebuilding the building in a grand manner.

The Casa das Tulhas, currently managed by the Municipal Department of Supply and Fisheries, stands out as one of the main tourist attractions in the capital of Maranhão, offering a variety of experiences for visitors.

The centuries-old property with a rectangular structure has four strategically located entrances, with the main one on Rua da Estrela, and others connecting to Rua Portugal, the Odylo Costa Filho Creativity Center, and the City Hall. On the outside, picturesque commercial shops offer local crafts and clothing, while the interior houses bars and restaurants that provide a true gastronomic feast.

Among numerous stalls, counters, and tents, visitors have access to a wide range of products, from typical delicacies to exotic spices, handmade drinks such as tiquira, cachaças, liqueurs, nuts, and delicious sweets. Furthermore, Fridays are enriched with cultural performances, such as the lively “tambor de crioula” (drum of African origin) and pagode music, adding a special touch to the sensory experience of visitors.

More than just a market, Casa das Tulhas is a living link to the past, a fusion of history and culture that invites everyone to explore and be enchanted by the riches of São Luís. The place is open from Monday to Friday, from 7 am to 9 pm; on Saturdays from 7 am to 8 pm, and on Sundays from 8 am to 1 pm.

Rua Grande

Located in the heart of São Luís, Rua Grande boasts the title of the largest commercial center in the city. Over the years, this multifaceted street has been known by various names such as “Caminho Grande,” “Rua Oswaldo Cruz,” “Estrada Real,” and “Rua Larga.” Since 1698, when it was initially called “Caminho Grande,” the street has played a significant role as the main thoroughfare of the capital, connecting downtown São Luís to its rural zone.

The change to “Rua Oswaldo Cruz” occurred during a period of urbanization, in honor of the renowned Brazilian doctor who passed away in 1917. With restructured and paved passages, Rua Grande became a landmark, featuring illustrious personalities such as Ana Jansen and Cândido Ribeiro, an influential industrial figure from Maranhão who lived in the area.

In 1912, the street received tram lines that extended to Anil, providing an essential means of transportation. However, it wasn’t until 1924 that the electric tram became an effective reality. Over the years, the urban landscape evolved, making way for the construction of the Church of Nossa Senhora da Conceição dos Mulatos, replaced in 1939 by the Caiçara Building, São Luís’ first skyscraper.

Recently, Rua Grande, operating from Monday to Saturday during business hours, witnessed a new era with the inauguration of Shopping Rua Grande, the first cultural mall in Maranhão. Housed in a meticulously restored building, the 2,100 m², three-story development offers over 70 stores, elevators, and Wi-Fi for visitors. Located at the beginning of Rua Grande, near the Palacete Gentil Braga, the mall already has half of its stores leased, establishing itself as a commercial icon.

Beyond its commercial aspect, Shopping Rua Grande incorporates essential Viva/Procon services, a food court, and a balcony with a panoramic view of the bustling street. It also stands out for hosting a cultural space, providing a platform for local artists to showcase their projects and cultural activities. Operating from 9 am to 9 pm from Monday to Saturday, and from 9 am to 2 pm on Sundays, the mall also offers a Sunday cultural fair, full of musical performances, dance, regional cuisine, and crafts. Rua Grande, always vibrant, has become a synthesis of culture and commerce in downtown São Luís.


Endereço: Av. Jeronimo de Albuquerque – Nº 619 – Cohab Anil I – São Luís – MA
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+55 98 98405-0770

Rua 28, quadra 21 – Ponta D’areia, São Luís – MA
+55 98 99168-8080

Av. 04 – Térreo do Hotel Brisamar – Ponta D’areia, São Luís – MA, 65077-348
+55 98 3190-8822

Av. Ivan Loureiro – Ponta D’areia, São Luís – MA, 65077-558
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Endereço: Av. Magalhães de Almeida –Nº 01 – Centro – São Luís -MA
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Gallery and Commercial Street

Endereço: Av. dos Holandeses – Nº 03 – Quadra 33 – Calhau – São Luís – MA
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Plants, Flowers, and Fruits

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